Forest Lake Memorial Parks - Tagum

FORESTLAKE MEMORIAL PARKS has a new project in Tagum City.

Tagum City, the bustling capital of Davao del Norte, is a testament to the Philippines’ natural beauty and cultural richness. Known for its sprawling banana plantations, the city paints a picture of lush green landscapes under the tropical sun. But beyond its agricultural fame, Tagum is a city of celebration. As the “City of Festivals,” it wears its heritage with pride, inviting all to partake in its vibrant festivities that echo warmth and hospitality. Amidst this lively backdrop, Forest Lake Memorial Park emerges as a haven of peace. Echoing Tagum’s ethos of community and heritage, our park is a place where memories are cherished, and the legacy is honored. As you explore the city’s wonders, take a moment to find solace in the serene embrace of Forest Lake. Visit us and discover a space where Tagum’s legacy and our commitment to memory intertwine beautifully.

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